ORACLE, 2019

ORACLE is an animated short film by a team of three: Joacim Svedlund, Isac Stockmeier, and myself Julia Dahllöf-Hinders.
My main job was to make concept art and create the puppets for animation as well as animating.

The film is password protected for now but you are welcome to contact me for the password if you wish to see it. Here is the link to the film on Vimeo︎
In my showreel here on this website I will showcase some of the shots that are animated by me. 

STARFISH: Journey to the Stars, REX young 2019

This project was given to Malkolm Nylöf Park and me by Rex Animation Film Festival through Animationsakademien. The assignment was to make a vignette to be shown at theRex Animation Film Festival 2019.

The story and idea is written by Malkolm and me and in the phase of animation Oscar Törngren took part. The music is made by Nemo Stocklassa-Hinders.

The protagonist is a starfish with an underwater workshop. Through his telescope he has seen the stars in the sky and he longed to meet his sky-dwelling kin. So he build a rocket to get from the bottom of the sea up to the sky.

SOLUM, 2020

SOLUM is an animated short film consisting of two parts.
The video shown here is part one which will eventually be merged with part two.
Here you can also see behind the scenes content such as photos from the set, puppets, and sketches.

Except from some assistance from kind souls, which are featured in the credits, SOLUM is a one man project.


20th anniversary logo for Animationsakademien, made with TV-paint.
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